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Our mission is to improve client website design in terms of presentation, look and feel, natural search engine optimization (SEO) & search engine marketing (SEM) effectiveness and to improve client back office operations through appropriate web-enabled automaton. Services offered include: free brief evaluation, formal website design proposal, including budget & project schedule, website design prototype and technical discussions. Our expertise includes Website Design SEO Consulting, PHP/MySQL Development, WordPress Platform Development, Templates & Plugins, Business Systems Analysis and Project Managment. Contact us to schedule initial appointment. We use Skype, Mikogo and Dropbox technologies to improve communication.

About Todd’s Creative Design (TCD), LLC. Shopboard™
PHP/MySQL Developer & Microsoft Business Partner
Business Systems Analyst & Project Manager
WordPress & Website Design SEO Consultant

Professional Services Provider

Professional services offered include website design SEO consulting, graphic design, research, business analysis, management analysis, project management, development management, vendor selection, entrepreneurship coaching, Internet marketing, micro-business auditing and website maintenance.

Travel Shopboard™ Travel First Class

Travel Shopboard™ Travel First Class

Professional Services Provided

(1) The Business Plan
(2) Freelance Consulting
(3) Website Design SEO Consulting
(4) Website Maintenance
(5) LOGO Graphic Design
(6) Internet Marketing
(7) Micro-Business Audit
(8) Business Systems Analysis
(9) Business Systems Development
(10) Management Analysis
(11) Project Management
(12) Vendor Selection

Contact Information

Kenneth Shelton, Micro-Business Owner
Todd’s Creative Design (TCD), LLC. Shopboard™

Greenfield, WI-Wisconsin 53220 United States
Cell: (414) 429-6742
E-mail: todddude@toddscreative.com

Professional services offered include

      Website Design (Website Design Proposal)


      Budget Structure Basis (Fixed Cost & Variable Cost & Monthly Cost)


      Billing (50% upfront Fixed Cost & 50% upfront Variable Cost)


      Individual Consulting Agreement: Statement of Work (SOW) Basis


      Web Hosting Services (Virtual Private Server)


      WordPress Developer FRONTOFFICE Operations




      PHP/MySQL Developer BACKOFFICE Operations


      (Business Processes & Integrations)


      PHP/MySQL Payment System Integrations


      PHP/MySQL E-mail Marketing Campaign Integrations


      Integrated Design (FRONTOFFICE & BACKOFFICE)


      SEO Consulting


      Graphic Design




      Business Analysis


      Management Analysis


      Project Management


      (Project Cost Detail, Project Budget, Project Schedule)


      Development Management


      Vendor Selection


      Entrepreneurship Coaching


      Internet Marketing


      Micro-Business Auditing


    And Website Maintenance

Contact Methods

Use one of these methods to schedule an appointment with Kenneth Shelton, Micro-Business Owner:
(1) Cell: (414) 429-6742
(2) E-mail: todddude@toddscreative.com
(3) BookFresh™: TCD Choose Service and BOOK NOW!

Online Booking Service

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Greatest Virtual Office (GVO) Support Team

Use one of these methods to Greatest Virtual Office (GVO) Support:
(4) Greatest Virtual Office (GVO); Affiliate: (gvo3395) Support Center: 1-888-840-2228
(5) Greatest Virtual Office (GVO); Affiliate: (gvo3395) Support Team: 1-888-840-9599
(6) Greatest Virtual Office (GVO); Affiliate: (gvo3395) Support Team Email: gvosupport@gmail.com

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About Todd’s Creative Design (TCD), LLC. Shopboard™
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Professional Services Affiliations

Microsoft Office Live Small Business Partner | Windows Live | Office Live | Shopboard™ Network
Microsoft Partner Network – Action Pack Development and Design
Elance Service Provider – Find Talent or Find Work
Surefire Success System (SSS) by Luke W. Parker – Internet Marketing Members Area

Affiliate Programs


Todd’s Creative Design (TCD™)
Todd’s Origami Paper Airplane Puzzler™ or Trifecta-Puzzler™


(1) Todd’s Creative Design (TCD), LLC. Shopboard™ Blog
(2) Shopboard™ Book Fresh
(3) Todd’s Shopboard™ Trifecta-Puzzle Art
(4) Todd’s Shopboard™ Puzzlers (powered by ZenCart)

Greatest Virtual Office (GVO) Affiliate Program

(1) Shopboard™ Mall
(2) Green Shopboard™
(3) Travel Shopboard™
(4) Shopboard™ GVO
(5) Shopboard™ GVO Business Center

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program Back Office
(1) aStore Shopboard™ to Setup Associate Stores (powered by Amazon)
(2) K-8 Shopboard™ School Products (powered by Amazon)
(3) High-School Shopboard™ School Products (powered by Amazon)

Product Supplier Service Provider

Products provided include the wonderful Trifecta-Puzzler™ new toy product line; also known as Todd’s Origami Paper Airplane Puzzler™. We offer products at retail pricing to consumers, wholesale pricing to retailers, and special discount wholesale pricing for fundraising organizations.

Associate Artist’s Revenue Provider

Associate artist’s are provided revenue earnings based on product sales related to their artwork canvas sketches designed as our puzzlers.

New Released Products – New Ten Dollar Toys: $9.50

The first four (4) released products can be ordered using the following SKU numbers:

Todd’s Creative Design (TCD) Shopboard™ (powered by www.toddscreative.com) – open in new window.

Product Line (New Toy)

(1) Todd’s Origami Paper Airplane Puzzler™


(1) To market new educational toys promoting creative thinking and modeling challenges!
(2) Difficulty is very high!
(3) Requires reading comprehension!
(4) Requires knowledge of origami Paper Folding Techniques!
(5) Modeling – meaning planning, forming and shaping for useful purposes
(6) Artistic Styles – original artwork sketches, abstract art and themed products with hidden puzzle art

Trifecta-Puzzler (meta-linguistics)

(1) meta-art
(2) meta-origami
(3) meta-puzzler


(1) Educational toy
(2) Original themed artwork
(3) Multiple artististic styles
(4) Multiple collections
(5) Building paper airplane models that fly wonderfully
(6) Group activity toy
(7) Indoor and outdoor play activity toy


(1) Print – mature industry technology, high quality coated paper and vivid colors
(2) Original puzzle art design

Internet Sales

(1) 24×7
(2) Multiple website stores
(3) Retailers welcome (100% markup, drop ship and multiple payment methods)

Brick & Mortar Sales

(1) Retailers welcome (100% markup)
(2) Impulse buy toy
(3) Ten dollar toy
(4) Checkout line display
(5) Magazine rack display

Original Artist’s

(1) Associate artist payment plan (earn revenue per kits sold)
(2) Expanding product line
(3) Themed collections
(4) Multiple artistic styles
(5) Custom branded collections are possible


(1) Puzzler Art
(2) Group Activity
(3) Educational Toys
(4) Kids & Teens
(5) Family Friendly


Keywords: brain teasers, puzzle, puzzlers, educational toys, toys, origami, cartoon aiplanes

Pricing Models

(1) Ten dollar toy
(2) Retail pricing to consumers ($9.50 per kit of four)
(3) Wholesale pricing to retailers ($118.75 for each 25 kits carton)
(4) Wholesale pricing to retailers ($475.00 for each 100 kits carton)
(5) Special wholesale volume pricing discounts can be negotiated
(6) Special wholesale pricing discounts available for fundraising organizations
(7) Special Party favors kits pricing for group activities can be negotiated

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