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Visit Todd’s Shopboard™ Store Released Products Treasure Origami Brain Teasers Puzzle Art; to check out the four released puzzlers.

Our new imaginative toy products are the most challenging brain teasers, puzzles and imaginative action toys on the market today! You can share them as imaginative gifts with kids and teens, friends and family. Enjoy this wonderful new cartoon airplane challenge!

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First learn to build the airplanes using the provided origami paper folding instructions. Modelers need to be able to read carefully, follow construction instruction countdown and then practice pattern transformations. These toys are very difficult educational challenges and will occupy modelers time and exercise their patience. Parents and friends will likely want to give up; but kids and teens generally jump right in to try and figure it out.

Second, find hidden puzzle-art images by manipulating origami paper folding pattern using your imagination. Our creative artists’ have discovered that multiple hidden puzzle-art images can be designed within each original canvas. Although non of the currently released products include this feature. So far, nobody has been able to solve our puzzles! That is without concentrated effort and sufficient quiet time. Moms in particular love these toys because they help kids focus on creative thinking and problem solving.

Third, let the kids run outside in the yard or at the park as they toss and fetch their own model airplanes. Your kids, teens, friends and family will enjoy this fresh, and challenging puzzle modeling experience; success with a smile; active play time action toys; and hours of imaginative playtime.

Visit Artist’s Corner to locate puzzle answers!

Todd’s Creative products are the most challenging puzzles and imaginative toys you can share with your friends and family. You’ll enjoy the fresh, and challenging experience of success with a smile.

Discover artist’s intent revealed by content!

Each Todd’s Origami Paper Airplane Puzzlers™ product has one or more answers (Artist’s Corner Product Album Brain Teaser) or solutions hidden cleverly by our artists within original bright and colorful canvas sketches. Customers are invited here to look up their purchased products by part number in order to find out if they have correctly solved their specific product puzzle. Only the four (4) released products have their answers posted. Some future products may have multiple revelations. The origami folding instructions or construction instructions are available as printed on the back page of each product marketing folder. Released product answers are listed by product item number sequence as follows:
Visit Artist’s Corner to locate puzzle answers!

Supplier Service Provider
Products provided include the wonderful Trifecta-Puzzler new toy product line. We offer products at retail pricing to consumers, wholesale pricing to retailers, and special discount wholesale pricing for fundraising organizations.

Associate Artist’s Revenue Provider
Associate artist’s are provided revenue earnings based on product sales related to their artwork canvas sketches designed as our puzzlers.

New Released Products – New Ten Dollar Toys: $9.50
The first four (4) released products can be ordered using the following SKU numbers:

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