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Our mission is to improve client website design in terms of presentation, look and feel, natural search engine optimization (SEO) & search engine marketing (SEM) effectiveness and to improve client back office operations through appropriate web-enabled automaton. Services offered include: free brief evaluation, formal website design proposal, including budget & project schedule, website design prototype and technical discussions. Our expertise includes Website Design SEO Consulting, PHP/MySQL Development, WordPress Platform Development, Templates & Plugins, Business Systems Analysis and Project Managment. Contact us to schedule initial appointment. We use Skype, Mikogo and Dropbox technologies to improve communication.

Professional Services Provider

Services offered include consulting, research, business systems analysis, management analysis, project management, development management, vendor selection, entrepreneurship coaching, internet marketing, micro-business auditing, website design SEO Consulting and website maintenance.

Professional Services Provided

Standard Introductory Services

The following three (3) standard services are offered as means of introduction to Todd’s Creative Design contract consulting services:

(1) Initial Consultation: 30 minutes, Free
(2) SEO Basic Review Existing Website: 60 minute, $50
(3) Website Design Proposal: 105 minute, $200

Contract Consulting Services (In Depth Business Analysis)

Todd’s Creative Design offers complex business systems analysis, website design SEO, internet marketing and project management consulting services as statement of work (SOW) contract agreements; we use time and materials basis and our standard rate is $50 per hour based on project scope and complexity. Please Contact Todd’s Creative Design to establish a working relationship. The following twelve (12) contract consulting services are offered to individuals and business clients:

(1) The Business Plan
(2) Freelance Consulting
(3) Website Design SEO Consulting
(4) Website Maintenance
(5) LOGO Graphic Design
(6) Internet Marketing
(7) Micro-Business Audit
(8) Business Systems Analysis
(9) Business Systems Development
(10) Management Analysis
(11) Project Management
(12) Vendor Selection

Professional Services Affiliations

Microsoft Office Live Small Business Partner
Windows Live
Office Live
Shopboard™ Network
Microsoft Partner Network – Action Pack Development and Design
Elance Service Provider – Find Talent or Find Work
Surefire Success System (SSS) by Luke W. Parker – Internet Marketing Members Area

Contact Information

Kenneth Shelton, Micro-Business Owner (todddude…)
Todd’s Creative Design (TCD), LLC. Shopboard™
Grafton, WI-Wisconsin 53024 United States
Cell: (414) 429-6742
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Contact Methods

Use one of these methods to schedule an appointment with Kenneth Shelton, Micro-Business Owner:

(1) Cell: (414) 429-6742
(2) E-mail:
(3) Choose Services & BOOK NOW (The Mini Widget)
(4) BookFresh™: TCD Choose Service and BOOK NOW!
(5) Greatest Virtual Office (GVO); Affiliate: (gvo3395) Support Center: 1-888-840-2228

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